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News and Resources

July-August 2017 Pro Bono Activities


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Pro Bono Activities

1. Refugees
-Entered into an MOU with NANCEN for financial and legal support along with 9 other law firms and -pro bono organizations which are members of the Law Firm Pro Bono Network
-Legal support to refugee status applicant P for his re-application
-Planned legal education for refugee support
-Participated in task force for amendment of Refugee Act
-Participated in Korea Refugee Support Network

2. Migrants
-Represented in court sexual victims of entertainment visa (E-6)
-Legal representation in court for birth registration of twin migrant babies
-Represented in court a migrant's claim for annulment of forcible return
-[Universal Birth Registration Legal Support Team] Researched caselaw for birth registrations
-Researched amendment for Immigration Control Act (firewall between immigration and public services)
-[Network for Rights of Migrant Children] Drafted policy draft for birth registration and rights to  education for migrants
-[Local ordinance for regulating hate speech] Co-hosted a forum and drafted local ordinance on regulating hate speech and racial discrimination
-Participated in amendment of law for ensuring rights to housing of rural migrant workers
-Researched possible legal response to refusal of entry into territory after issuing visa
-[Global Compact on Migration] Prepared CSO report and forum  

3. Social Economy / Innovation
-Participated in research for community asset organizations in Siheung City
-Researched proposed law and amendments for invigorating community asset organizations
-Participated in task force for amendment of laws for promoting social housing
-Participated in evaluation panel for Warm Social Housing Fund
-Planned the 4th issue of Public Interest Law, Study on Social Economy Law
-Participated in forum for tax reforms for cooperatives
-Participated in expert forum for neccesity of city regeneration funds
-Participated in research regarding public concept for land ownership
-Reviewed tax clause of laws for legal personality of social enterprises

4. Female/youth
-Participated in research for laws for alternative education, and participated in meetings with NGOs in Japan
-Conducted 2017 Teenager's Career Experience Miracle
-Participated in discussions with legislator Sangjung Shim for laws for institutionalizing unauthorized alternative schools

5. North Korea / North Korean Settlers
-Represented in court  a defendant in violation of North Korean Refugees Protection and Settlement Support Act
-Participated in task force for scenario planning for unification
-Participated in mentoring for North Korean settler college students
-Wrote legal education material for alternative schools for North Korean settler teenagers
-Partcipated in sub-committee for North Korean settlers under Korean Bar Association
-Participated in research for special committee for unification laws under Seoul Bar Association

6. Welfare
-Participated in survey for working poors
-Conducted comparative review of Japanese animal protection laws
-Participated in discussions for tort action for negligent job capacity assessment for conditional beneficiaries
-Participated in discussions for tort action for restoration of housing allowances of children living in group homes

7. Persons with disabilities
-Participated in lawsuit for ensuring right of movement in double decker low floor bus
-Participated in review of standard work contract for persons with developmental disabilities
-Participated in monthly case study of DDASK
-Participated in monthly seminar of Disability Law Society

8. NPO Law
-Researched amendment of tax laws for small public interest corporations
-Reviewed Good People's contract for outsourcing management of personal information
-Reviewed lecture materials for Mixed Value Management Research Institute
-Provided lecture on tax issue to coalition of YWCA secretary generals
-Provided expert opinion on YWCA Anyang's tax issues
-Reviewed draft legislation on promotion of civil society
-Participated in forums for amendment of legislations on public interest corporations
-Participated in amendment of legistlations towards promoting charity
-Reviewed amendment of legislations on tax for nonprofits drafted by Ministry of Strategy and Finance
-Reviewed current status and possible amendments for subsidy laws
-Conducted comparative review of legislations supporting nonprofit organizations
-Conducted workshop for Senior NPO Mentor Lawyers (further support and 1 on 1 matching to NPOs in progress)
-Planned training for 2nd NPO Legal Support Lawyers
-Visited Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center

9. Others
-Planned and prepared 2nd symposium by Law Firm Pro Bono Network (on CSR)
-Participated in mentoring to teenagers in juvenile detention center
-Wrote paper for "Access to Justice", on Korean pro bono scene and mandatory pro bono requirements
-Chaired tax caselaw seminars by Minbyeon
-Provided lecture on public interest lawyers to general assembly of Christian Legal Fellowship
-Conducted internship program to law school students