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Mar-Apr Pro Bono Activities


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1. Refugees

-Gave legal advice to refugee status re-applicant C from Bangladesh

-Represented refugee applicant M from Egypt, and successfully obtained refugee status.

-Gave legal advice to refugee status applicant A from Yemen

-Gave legal advice to refugee status applicant J from Congo

-Discussed improving the current RSD translation process and follow-up response

-Participated in preparations for and co-hosted 2018 Workshop for Korea Refugee Support Network

-Participated in task forces on amendment of Refugee Act, training for refugee organization activists, and refugee rights.

-Participated in preparations for Refugee Legal Aid and Training Empowerment

-Participated in Korea Refugee Support Network


2. Migrants

-Represented migrant J in court for claiming annulment of forcible return

-Represented migrant A from Yemen in his claim for annulment of protective order and forcible return, which resulted in MOJ's cancellation of its orders

-Participated in formulating state tort claim based upon CERD recommendation

-[Universal Birth Registration Network] Participated in network meetings

-Participated in drafting amendments of the Immigration Control Act, held meetings with legislators’ offices regarding the same

-[Network for Rights of Migrant Children] Drafted policy draft for birth registration and rights to education for migrants, and provided expert advice to NHRCK

-Represented migrant F in court for claiming annulment of forcible return, drafted letter of request for granting right of stay of F

-[Network for Rights to Housing of Migrant Workers] Participated in discussions for responding to visit of UN Special Rapporteur for adequate housing to Korea, held meetings to draft civil society report on housing

-Drafted civil society report on migrant aspect for CSO consultation of 3rd National Action Plan of Korea

-Participated in drafting of legal assistance manual for migrants by Seoul Bar Association

-Participated in secretariat for civil society report for Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

-Provided legal counsel to Gyeonggi/Suwon Danuri Center

-Gave presentation at International Dialogue on Migration 2018 on cases of cooperation between non-state stakeholders for good migration governance

-Drafted case studies on legal issues surrounding childcare of migrant children in Gyeonggi Province

-Gave lectures at Sungkyunkwan University Legal Clinic

-Participated in Migrant Human Rights Case Study Group meetings


3. Social Economy/Innovation

-Gave legal advice on construction disputes regarding D social enterprise and on construction permit procedure for N social enterprise

-Conducted legal review of SH-S’s remodeling project

-Participated in task force for amendment of laws for promoting social housing

-Participated in evaluation panel for Warm Social Housing Fund

-Participated in evaluation panel in Yes Nanum’s ‘RE;Commoning Contest’

-Wrote papers for the 4th issue of Public Interest Law (social housing, social finance, recommoning)

-Participated in research on ‘Public Concept for Land Ownership’

-Wrote a regular column on co-ops in Korea (Seoul Co-op Support Center)

-Appointed as the legal advisor and participated in meetings for co-ops (Seoul Co-op Support Center)

-Gave presentation at a breakfast seminar on financial structure of co-ops (iCOOP Co-operative Institute)

-Appointed as the policy advisor and participated in meetings on improvement of law and policy for co-ops (Seoul Co-op Support Center)


4. Female/Youth

-Participated in research on laws for alternative education

-Participated in research group for overseas adoption and rights of adoptees

-Participated in meetings for non-profit ‘Me Too’ movement and drafted manual for victims

-Provided education to Daegu Springhome on child abuse

-Entered in MOU with Seongnam City Youth Foundation (legal support regarding labor rights of teenagers)

-Gave career education for youth at Jeonju YMCA and introduced public lawyering activities


5. North Korea/North Korean Settlers

-Represented defendant in court for a change of violating North Korean Refugees Protection and Settlement Support Act

-Reviewed the proposed amendment of laws and had meeting regarding the site for alternative school for North Korean Settler teenagers

-Drafted scenario planning for unification of Koreas

-Participated in research on IP law disputes in South and North Korea with special committee for unification laws under Seoul Bar Association

-Participated in mentoring for North Korean Settler college students

-Gave lectures and Sungkyunkwan University Legal Clinic

-Created legal education material for alternative schools for North Korean Settler teenagers

-Participated in sub-committee for North Korean Settlers under Korean Bar Association


6. Welfare

-Supported the state compensation claim on labor ability assessment of National Basic Living Security beneficiary

-Participated in discussion on reforms of restoring housing allowances of children living in group homes and appealed to Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission regarding the issue

-Gave legal advice on basic assets of A, a social welfare foundation

-[Research Group for Realization of Social Rights] Participated in research for amendment of Framework Act on Social Security

-[Research Group for Guaranteeing the Health Rights of Delinquent Taxpayers of National Health Insurance] Hosted a press conference on repealing limitations on health insurance benefits

-[Collective Action for Amendment of Basic Living Security Act] Conducted research on the actual condition of actualizing living expenses projects and FGI. Reviewed legal aspects of the Handbook on Welfare Rights for welfare recipients

-Participated in the inaugural meeting of the Society of Lawyers Supporting Animal Rights

-Participated in a meeting of lawyers supporting rights of animals

-Appointed as a member of the operation committee of the legal support center of Korean Animal Welfare Association and participated in a meeting hosted by the center

-Participated in a seminar hosted by Animal Law Comparative Study Society

-Participated in a seminar on livestock disposal process


7. Persons with Disabilities

-Participated in Supreme Court lawsuit for ensuring mobility right for persons with disabilities in double decker low floor buses

-Reviewed the possibility of cancelling deceptive acts against a social welfare foundation

-Translated ‘Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on the Promotion of Communication Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ into English

-Participated in a planning meeting of a forum on revitalizing employment of persons with developmental disabilities and proposed research on the same

-Participated in the appointment ceremony of Lawyers for Persons with Disabilities

-Supported a Korean candidate for the election of the CRPD Committee

-Participated in a meeting to prepare for a Summer School on International Disability Law

-Participated in a forum on guaranteeing political rights of persons with disabilities

-Participated in a case meeting hosted by DDASK

-Participated in a monthly seminar hosted by Korea Disability Law Association

-Participated in a forum on ways to reform Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities

-Participated in Persons with Disabilities section of the NAP consultations

-Participated in 2018 International Disability Employment Forum

-Visited Woorimaum Welfare Center and Career Plus Center


8. NPO Law

-Reviewed and held a meeting on Act on Collection and Use of Donations related to S foundation and reviewed whether it falls into the category of an affiliated person under Banking Act

-Reviewed a consent form on personal information protection of T foundation

-Provided counselling on foundation of M school

-Lectured on establishment and tax affairs for community service centers in Daejeon

-Participated in a legal counsel meeting on land donation of S foundation

-Prepared legal education for NPOs

-Reviewed laws on provision of disclosed information of public interest corporations by Hometax and drafted amendment on the same

-Organized legal issues related to NPOs

-Participated in a legislation process of the Act on Establishment and Operation of Public Interest Corporations

-Researched on tax law reforms related to small and medium sized public interest corporations

-Participated in reforming NPO supporting laws

-Participated in a seminar on public interest committees hosted by a member of the National Assembly and a task force meeting on laws of establishing public interest committees / gave a presentation in a seminar hosted by the Prime Minister on public interest committees

-Participated in a seminar on the current condition and problems of public interest corporations

-Planned Public Interest Society “We” and prepared for its preparatory meeting

-Monitored legislation for NPOs (will be uploaded once/twice a week on Dongcheon’s webpage and be sent through newsletters)

-Participated in a seminar on revitalization of donation culture hosted by the Prime Minister

-Hosted a seminar for the 1st and 2nd NPO Legal Support Lawyers

-Planned and advertised the 2nd Senior Pro Bono Supporters

-Planned and advertised the 3rd NPO Legal Support Lawyers

-Planned and prepared for a training program for NPO experts

-Planned NPO legal support programs in fields of unification and North Korea


9. Others

-Participated in a mentoring program at Youth Detention Center

-Wrote a paper on Access to Justice in Korea

-Participated in research seminars on tax precedents hosted by Minbyun and a task force for National Procedure Law

-Gave a presentation on possession tax in a seminar hosted by the finance and tax team of Minbyun