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News and Resources

Nov - Dec 2017 Pro Bono Activities


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1. Refugees

- Gave legal advice to refuge status applicant B from Brundi for his application.

- Legally represented Egyptian M and S whose requests for recognition of refugee status were rejected.

- Participated in discussion on improving refugee translator system.

- Participated in task force for amendment of Refugee Act, and participated in discussions with MOJ regarding the same.

- Participated in Korean civil society discussion with UNHCR High Commissioner.

- Participated in Korea Refugee Support Network .


2. Migrants 

- Represented migrant J in court for claiming annulment of forcible return

- Participated in formulating state tort claim based upon CERD recommendation

- Gave legal support to immigrant regarding compensation for fraud 

- [Universal Birth Registration Network] Distributed policy briefs on UBR and co-hosted conference on implementation of UBR in Korea.

- Participated in drafting amendments of the Immigration Control Act, held meetings with legislators' offices regarding the same.

- [Network for Rights of Migrant Children] Drafted policy draft for birth registration and rights to education for migrants,

  participated in civic group meeting with Secretary General from National Human Rights Committee

- Drafted letter of request for granting right of stay of F

- Gave legal support on proposal for Local Ordinance on Regulating Hate Speech and Racial Discrimination

- [Network for Rights to Housing of Migrant Workers] Participated in the Forum held in December and examined the case of undue deduction

  of expenses for board and lodging

- [Global Compact on Migration] Drafted CSO report and gave presentation at CSO Forum.

- Participated and gave presentation in the Global Compact Asia-Pacific Regional Reparatory Conference on Migration,

  hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 

- Participated in the preparation team of Migrant Human Rights Case Study Group


3. Social Economy / Innovation

- Participated in Participated in research for community asset organizations in Siheung City

- Participated in task force for amendment of laws for promoting social housing

- Participated in evaluation panel for Warm Social Housing Fund

- Planned the 4th issue of Public Interest Law, Study on Social Economy Law and hosted seminar on Public Interest Law Series -

  ‘How to Develop Social Economic Law System'

- Participated in research on ‘Public Concept for Land Ownership’

- Gave presentation in ‘Forum for improvement of COOPs in Korea’ held by Seoul COOP Support Center

- Hosted ‘Housing Welfare Roadmap and Social Economy Forum’

- Researched case laws regarding restitution of development profit

- Gave presentation on Social Economy and Human Rights at Korea Human Rights Conference

- Participated in conference on citizen capitalization after the London Innovation Agency workshop


4. Female / Youth

- Participated in research on laws for alternative education and promoted joint cooperation with legislator Sangjung Shim

  for legal advocacy of unauthorized alternative school

- Discussed the legislation on alternative education with professor Kita Akito from Waseda university 

- Prepared symposium on alternative education 

5. North Korea / North Korean Settlers

- Represented defendant in court for a charge of violating North Korean Refugees Protection and Settlement Support Act

- Reviewed the proposed amendment of laws and had meeting regarding the site for alternative school for North Korean Settler teenagers

- Participated in task force for scenario planning for unification

- Participated as panelist for symposium “Future of Unification and Our Judicial System” from Judicial Policy Research Institute

- Participated in research on legal system of Rason Economic and Trade Zone with special committee

  for unification laws under Seoul Bar Association

- Participated in mentoring for North Korean Settler college students

- Created legal education material for alternative schools for North Korean Settler teenagers

- Participated in sub-committee for North Korean Settlers under Korean Bar Association

- Conducted human rights law education for Wooreedle School, the alternative school for North Korean Settler teenagers.


6. Welfare

- Supported the state compensation claim on labor ability assessment of National Basic Living Security beneficiary 

- Participated in the coalition for amendment of National Basic Living Security Act

- Participated in discussion on tort action for restoring housing allowances of children living in group homes

- [Research Group for Realization of Social Rights] Researched how to improve the remedy procedure for social rights

- Examined the issue of salary limitation for delinquents of National Health Insurance 

- Gave presentation on Animal Law Review at Animal Law Comparative Study Society

- Participated in network for improving livestock disposal process

- Participated in legal support group for Korean Animal Welfare Association 


7. Persons with Disabilities 

- Won a lawsuit for ensuring mobility right for the disabled in double decker low floor bus

- Discussed the work status of persons with developmental disabilities 

- Prepared an appeal statement on the exploitation of unfair labor for persons with disabilities 

- Participated in conference by Communication Right Project of Seoul city

- Participated in publication ceremony of guidebook of utilising human rights education contents and case studies

- Supported election of a Korean candidate for CRPD Committee.

- Participated in Korean Disability Law Association

- Participated in case meeting of Disability Discrimination Act of Solidarity in Korea (DDASK)

- Participated in sub-committee for persons with disabilities by Seoul Bar Association



8. NPO Law


- Gave legal advice to The Right Hands on migrant medical support project

- Supported NANCEN on litigation on denial of recommendation for designated donation recipients

- Gave legal advice to Global Hansangdream on Act on Collection and Use of Donations and tax law

- Gave legal advice to animal rights organisation CARE on issuance of donation receipt

- Gave legal advice to HRW on applicability of Personal Information Protection Act

- Examined violation of the constitution of Credit Card Social Contribution Foundation

- Gave legal advice to 4.16 Foundation on Act on Collection and Use of Donations and tax law

- Gave legal advice to Orion Foundation on disqualifying reasons for board member

- Examined applicability of Act on Collection and Use of Donations on charity concert

- Gave legal advice to Love FNC Foundation on disposition of original property

- Participated in meetings, drafting policy brief, and drafting amendments regarding tax accounts for NPOs

- Participated in legislation on promoting civil society 

- Researched on the revision of the tax law related to small and medium-sized public interest organizations

- Participated in amendment of legislations on promoting donation 

- Participated in project for amendment of legislation on supporting non-profit organisations

- Participated in National Assembly Seminar on improvement of legal system for promoting public corporation

  and gave presentation in conference

- Gave educational training on legal manuals to Korea Free Voluntary Center

- Drafted the review on accounting standard of public interest corporations and participated in related conferences.

- Participated in Ministry of Interior and Safety Task Force for subsidies to NPOs.

- Participated in meeting between legislator’s office and Civil Society Development Network

- Conducted evaluation meeting for Senior Legal Mentor Programme 

- Conducted matching for 2nd NOP Legal Support Lawyers

- Collected and summarized feedback from 1st NPO Legal Support Lawyers


9. Others


- Co-hosted and gave presentation at annual symposium by Law Firm Public Interest Network

  on ‘Prospect of CSR and Role of Legal Profession’

- Participated in mentoring to teenagers in juvenile detention center

- Wrote paper on ‘Access to Justice’ in Korea

- Participated and gave presentation at Asian Law & Society Association’s annual conference

- Chaired tax case law seminars by Minbyeon