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Social Responsibility

BKL Public Interest/Human Rights Activist Award
1. Objective
To honor the work and achievement of an individual or an organization that contributed to improving our society and protecting human rights through active participation in public interest and human rights activities.
2. Judging Process
Award candidates are nominated by external legal experts, representatives of law-related organizations and councils, universities, public organizations, NGOs, human rights groups and other relevant individuals. After nomination and an impartial evaluation by a judging committee composed of outside personnel (law professors, representatives of human rights groups, legal experts, women, BKL members etc.), a winner is selected.
Judging Process
3. Award Winner History

Dongcheon Foundation works towards on cultivating talents by granting scholarships to vulnerable social groups or future public interest lawyers.
1. Public Interest Lawyers Scholarship
We support the growth of future public interest lawyers by granting scholarships to law school students with character and ability, and strong will to participate in human rights sector.
공익변호사 양성 장학금 관련 사진
2. Scholarships and Mentorships for Refugees, Disabled People, North Korean Defectors, Multicultural Households, and Children of Migrant Workers
We provide scholarships and mentorships for economically vulnerable groups and social minorities including their children to support their living and study.
난민, 장애인, 탈북민, 다문화가정, 이주노동자 자녀 장학금 및 멘토링 관련 사진
Public Interest Human Rights Organization Sponsorship
Dongcheon Foundation wishes to work alongside public interest organizations.
Therefore, we not only provide legal aid but also various financial aids to public interest human rights organizations.
By cooperating with these organizations, Dongcheon Foundation is working towards a society where we live together.
1. Biannual Public Interest Human Rights Project Sponsorship
Biannually, Dongcheon Foundation supports selected public interest programs run by public interest human rights organizations.
(Three organizations receive around 5 million KRW each semester for their projects.)
상/하반기 공익인권단체 사업 지원 정기 공모 관련 사진
2. Other Public Interest Organization Supports
Dongcheon sponsors public interest human rights organization’s operating expenses, project funds and other development funds from the Dongcheon Foundation’s fund, fundraising, and private designated donation.
(We sponsored 14 organizations in 2011, 22 organizations in 2012, 21 organizations in 2013, and 19 organizations in 2014)
기타 공익단체 지원 관련 사진
Public Interest Human Rights Activity Program Competition
We have designed this Public Interest Human Rights Activity Program Competition to provide future lawyers with an opportunity to plan and implement creative and sustainable public interest human rights program on their own.
We wish that the Competition will support future lawyers in nurturing their interests in public interest activities and help them grow into lawyers with the will and ability to work in public interest sector.
공익인권활동 공모전 관련 사진
Fellowship Program
BKL-Dongcheon Foundation Fellowship Program is the first public interest lawyer training program in Korea that has been implemented to systematically nurture public interest lawyers.
Dongcheon Foundation establishes a ‘BKL-Dongcheon Foundation Fellowship Fund’ and hands the fund over to Dongcheon Foundation Fellows.
Foundation Fellows, as members of the Dongcheon Foundation, participate in various public interest activities such as pro bono legal services, law revision, and legislative research.
Through such activities, they cultivate basic qualifications as a lawyer and build up expertise as a public interest lawyer.
This provides a solid foundation on which the Foundation Fellows can continuously grow as public interest lawyers.

BKL Volunteer activities
BKL, in cooperation with Dongcheon Foundation, participates in various social contributions such as volunteer activities and donations.
BKL wishes to develop its working environment to become a healthy, warm and proud one, where people not only fulfill one’s dream but also share visions for the public interest.
1. Volunteer Club DasomNamu
BKL volunteer club DasomNamu actively participates in volunteering works such as supporting facilities for single mothers, volunteering at children’s facilities, and delivering briquette.
봉사동호회 다솜나무 관련 사진
2. Legal Consulting in Rural Area and Volunteer Assistance
BKL members and Dongcheon regularly visit rural areas to provide legal consultation and assistance with farm work.
취약계층 무료법률상담 및 봉사활동 관련 사진
3. The Charity Concert and Bazaar
In order to make donations to socially disadvantaged people and public interest organizations, BKL and Dongcheon Foundation raise fund through Charity Concert and Bazaar.
자선음악회 및 바자회 관련 사진
4. Donation Box of Love
Members of BKL give economic support to disadvantaged people and public interest organizations by donating to the Donation Box throughout the year.
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