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Pro Bono Activities

Dongcheon Foundation and the Refugee Subcommittee in the BKL Pro Bono Committee provide legal assistance including the application for refugee status and appeal against refusal to grant refugee status. To support these activities, training programs on refugee legal aid are carried out on a regular basis.
Furthermore, in order to better provide interpretation to refugees, we provide training to the interpreters of minority languages, are working on a White Paper on the management of interpreters for refugees, and have published the Refugee Legal Aid Glossary. In addition, we are actively involved in advocacy activities in improving the rights of refugees by participating in various network activities.
난민 관련 이미지
Dongcheon Foundation and the Migrants Subcommittee in the BKL Pro Bono Committee provide assistance to immigrant workers, marriage immigrants, and refugees (humanitarian status holders) with the challenges they face in Korea so that their fundamental rights are guaranteed in our society. To achieve this, Dongcheon and the Subcommittee provide legal assistance including litigations and legal consultations in collaboration with immigrant counseling centers and immigrant assistance centers. We also carry out legislative actions to improve the policies for immigrant workers and conduct legal training for interpreters in cooperation with immigrant support organizations.
외국이민자 관련이미지
Social Economy
Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL Social Economy Subcommittee provide various legal aid to social economy organizations that include providing legal consultations, improving legislative and institutional policies in the social economy sector, and publishing a social economy manual. Our hope is the promotion of an ‘economic ecosystem for everyone’.
사회적경제 관련 사진
Persons with Disabilities
Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL Persons with Disabilities Subcommittee, in cooperation with NGOs and organizations for persons with disabilities, provide public legal assistance with a view to rectify discrimination on persons with disabilities and bring about the relief for human rights violations.
In particular, we actively carry out public interest litigations and legal consultations, so that the legislations on the rights of persons with disabilities as well as international treaties including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) may have practical legal effect on the Korean society. Furthermore, we participate in legislative activities and campaigns on improving the policies that directly impact the lives of persons with disabilities, with the goal of realizing a society where persons with disabilities may fully enjoy their legal rights.
North KoreaㆍNorth Korean Settlers
Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL North Korea/North Korean Settlers Subcommittee study North Korean laws and provide free legal consultation and litigation support to individual North Korean settlers and support organizations.
We conduct various legal aid activities including research for improving laws and policies regarding North Korea and North Korean settlers, and support for NGOs related to North Korean settlers. We hope that our activities will help the North Korean settlers settle in Korean society and become an essential cornerstone to the road of unification.
북한,탈북민 이미지
Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL Female/Youth Subcommittee provide various legal aid activities that include legal consultations to female and youth organizations, legislative actions to improve female/youth policies and legal education to women and adolescents.
We hope to promote equal rights of women and adolescents in the Korean society.
여성,청소년 관련이미지
Social Welfare
Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL Social Welfare Subcommittee cooperate with several NGOs that assist people in poverty to - improve welfare legislations and policies, - provide pro bono assistance in litigation and counseling, - participate in various social contribution activities including volunteer work.
We hope that these activities will allow the people in poverty to be better protected by the law and lead a more stable life to become central figures in our society.
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