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  • 2017
    - Published 2016 bkl-Dongcheon LSR Report
  • Feb
    - Renewed the MOU for the protection of migrants’ rights with Global Sharing of Love (Since 2009)
  • Mar
    - Ran the 1st “NPO Legal Support Training Program” for lawyers
  • Apr
    - Provided financial support to 4 public interest organizations
    - Provided free legal advice and meals to the elderly living alone (Angel Soup Kitchen)
    - Nominated 26 attorneys as “The 1st NPO Legal Supporters”
    - Won an appeal seeking cancellation of denial of refugee status, representing an African refugee
  • May
    - Organized a discussion meeting to promote pro bono activities of senior attorneys
    - Seoul Bar Association recognizes donation to Dongcheon Scholarship Program as fulfilling mandatory public interest activity
    - Held the 2nd NK ReLATE (North Korea Refugee Legal Aid Training & Empowerment) Program
  • Jun
    - Published “Study on migration Law” (3rd Volume of the Public Interest Law Paper Series)
    - Awarded scholarships to socially disadvantaged students and law school students
    - Singed the MOU for pro bono legal support to 245 volunteer centers nationwide
    - Held “The 1st Senior Mentor Attorneys for NPOs” workshop
    - Lanched Free Meal Volunteer Program (once a month) at Chunghyun Welfare Center, which supports persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Jul
    - Provided financial support to 4 public interest organizations
  • Aug
    - Signed MOU with NANCEN, along with 8 other law firms and foundations and corporations established by the law firms of “Law Firm Pro Bono Network”