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Message from the President

Dongcheon Foundation is a public interest foundation which was established in June 2009 under the BKL’s founding spirit of “prioritizing value over interest.” Dongcheon’s goal is to provide legal aid services to the disadvantaged and social minority groups by promoting pro bono activity among law firms, training future pro bono lawyers, supporting public interest organizations and activists while conducting research on public interest laws, thereby finding ways to improve legal and policy frameworks. Until now, Dongcheon, along with BKL Pro Bono Committee, has engaged in legal aid activities to support refugees, migrants, people with disabilities, North Korean settlers, women, youth and social enterprises.

Also, Dongcheon has played a leading role in promoting lawyers’ social responsibility by way of organizing and sponsoring various awards and contests including BKL Public Interest/Human Rights Activist Awards, Human Rights and Public Service Project Challenge and other scholarships and grants for minority students and public interest organizations. All of these activities aim to protect basic human rights of the disadvantaged and minorities in our society. Taking a step forward from the previous efforts, Dongcheon will do its utmost to become a hub of public interest activities by strengthening networks with other public interest organizations and activists, as well as developing and expanding programs that contribute to the legal system and the society as a whole. Dongcheon will spread the values of sharing, with a sense of duty to promote lawyers’ social responsibility and make our society a place where all members live in harmony.

Thank you.

President of Dongcheon Foundation, Han Sung Cha